Go Fast

Go Safely

Why Biel Tunnel Boats?

  • High Tech Catamaran/Tunnel Hull Design
  • Excellent Maneuverability
  • Good Rough Water Handling
  • Stable Platform
  • Extremely Fuel Efficient
  • High Performance
  • Safe & Fun
  • Custom Color & Rigging Options
  • Multiple Engine Options
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

Promise 13′ 

Biel Tunnel Boats has redesigned and updated 13′ Promise model. 

This model includes a modern low profile built in deck windshield, flat floor space, increased storage, and an extended sponson running surface for enhanced stability, while still maintaining the great design and style of the previous model.

Our compact, fuel efficient 13′ Promise model offers you high performance sports car-like handling even in 2-3′ chop conditions. In addition, its small size makes both transportation and clean up a breeze. 

The unique tunnel hull design of our boats is based upon principles developed in the hydroplane industry. The dual-sponson tunnel hull traps air coming in from the bow and compresses it towards the stern, causing you to ride on a cushion of air. As a result, the total wet planing surface area is next to nothing, creating a smooth, stable and fuel efficient ride. Sharp turns are no problem in these surface effect boats. They have tremendous maneuverability and turn as if on rails-flat and stable. The 13’ Promise can achieve speeds of over 50 mph with it’s Coast Guard rated 70hp engine.

*Please note: Our Promise 13′ model is currently out of production until Spring of 2025 while we launch our new Promise II 16′! Check out our model album by clicking below.